Corolla Beach Parking Permit

Drive and Park on the Beach with a Corolla/Carova Beach Parking Permit

Carova Beach is part of Corolla, NC located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and offers visitors the unique opportunity to drive and park directly on the beach with a valid beach parking permit. This popular activity allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of Corolla's pristine coastline up close and personal while enjoying the convenience and adventure of beach driving.

A Corolla Beach Parking Permit is included with a Jeep rental.

To drive and park on the beach in Corolla, you must obtain a valid beach parking permit from Currituck County. The permits are available for purchase online at the official Currituck County website or in person at the following locations:

Weekly Permit - Valid for 7 days, costing $50.

Plan ahead: Beach parking permits sell out quickly

Beach parking passes are included with Jeep rentals from Beach4x4

Rules and Regulations for Beach Driving and Parking in Corolla

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all beachgoers, Currituck County has established several rules and regulations for beach driving and parking in Corolla:

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Beach Driving Experience in Corolla

Follow these tips to maximize your enjoyment while ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other beachgoers:

By obtaining a Corolla beach parking permit and adhering to the rules and regulations, you can enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of driving and parking directly on the beach, while exploring the stunning beauty of Corolla's coastline. From the convenience of beachfront parking to the thrill of navigating the sandy terrain, this memorable activity is sure to be a highlight of your visit to the Outer Banks.

Additional Activities to Enjoy in Corolla

Apart from beach driving, Corolla offers an array of activities to make your visit even more enjoyable:

In conclusion, a Corolla beach parking permit offers a truly unique and convenient way to experience the natural beauty of the Outer Banks. By weighing the benefits and following the rules and regulations, you can decide whether a permit is a worthwhile investment for your trip. Regardless of your decision, Corolla offers a wealth of activities and attractions that will make your visit to this enchanting coastal town a memorable one.